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Posted:Leonardo invented the tank, the helicopter, the double hull, the hang-glider and made major advances in astronomy, geology and physiology, as well as painting the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

More importantly, this...

his 'Vitruvian Man'

is one of the earliest examples of basic poi spinning and mechanics.

Of course, as he did not find time to invent the cotton stripy sock, his inspired work does not feature actual poi. That's why it's basic.

Note the square around the figure in question, clearly demonstrating the concept of planes.

Next, note the perfect circle around the figure, a single, long arm spin in the front wall plain.

Interestingly, the two different positions of the arms suggest an attempt at a long arm butterfly, maybe even a stab at opposite-way flowers. Obviously, during the Renaissance, poi spinning was limited to large, basic arms movements.

Maybe it was Da Vinci's heavy robes restricting the movement.

Finally, notice the inclusion of nakedness. Clearly, even though actual technique is sadly lacking, it seems the need to divest ones' self of clothing was already deeply ingrained in spinning culture.

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Posted:ubblol I like u man! Looks like anti spin wink Damn i need four arms! ubblol biggrin

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Posted:well if it had to be naked, then the robes would not be a limiting factor. =P

sweet theory though, i like it.

Just call me Pop.

Mags The Jedi
Mags The Jedi

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Posted:Joss, you're so silly, but I love ya anyway. smile Better than tesla poi!

When are you back in Foulmouth?


"I believe the cost of life is Death and we will all pay that in full. Everything else should be a gift. We paid the cover charge of life, we were born."

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Posted:i dunno. spinning poi with 4 arms and 4 legs seems far from "basic" to me...

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Posted: Written by: Mags The Jedi

Joss, you're so silly, but I love ya anyway. smile Better than tesla poi!

When are you back in Foulmouth?


em.........are you talking to me? or is there someone else called Joss around here?

Just call me Pop.

HOP librarian
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Posted:Vitruvian man remake by the point of spinning:

(image not available)

Mcp, I think they are four.





now comes with skydiving license
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Posted:Erm. Interesting theory...
I like it! smile

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Posted:Robots make everything cooler. FACT.

Non-Https Image Link

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Rouge Dragon
Rouge Dragon

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Posted:I'm so amused that this thread warns people of illustraed nakedness! ubblol

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Posted:Monkey, that is F***ing genius, thankyou biggrin

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