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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > What moves can I do with a backwards Circle

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Location: Sydney Australia
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Posted:Ive gotten a few forward moves done and finnaly gotten a swap from front circles to back circles move done (yeay) but Alas I know not of any backward circle moves, any beginer moves anyone can suggest that start with a backwards circle?


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Posted:all moves can be done backwards, and should be learnt that way.

this is the secret to turning with you poi, keep at it!

to start, backwards butterfly, backwards weave, and turning between the two.

T wave

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Location: Sydney Australia
Member Since: 10th Apr 2006
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Posted:Ok backwards butterfly here i come, messy darn right hand doesnt want to go ontop! smile

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Posted:Hi there! my names sarah an I am really new to poi, an I am lovein it! but... I have managed to master the 4 beat weave but I am bored of that now an I was wonderin if u could explain how I do the 5 beat weave please! if u could that would be immense.....:)


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Posted:Welcome to HOP you two. Since no one else has done it I suppose I shall give the whole "do a search" speach at this point.

Hop is a great place to learn moves and be part of the community, check out THIS for lots of moves and such.

Also, you should get familiar with the search function. For the most part nearly any question has been discussed on HOP already, try a search for threads relating to your question and you will havea much better experience here. The search link is right above the "new thread" link.

Also be sure and stop in the introduction thread and tell everyone a bit about yourself.

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there is also a free lesson section on this site, you can find the link at the top.

You can also find articles with great advice of many moves including different weaves by clicking on the article section at the top. Go have a browse, there is lots of useful information!


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Location: Sydney Australia
Member Since: 10th Apr 2006
Total posts: 21
Posted::O but but I did do a search, *looks at hijacked thread... oh my :O

Anyway, i seem to have missed the "rewind" page in my *Poi*Spinning* go figure! and now on to the reverse everything!

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