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Fire coach - Cirque du Soleil
Location: Bristol, UK

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I'll be arriving in Berlin Wednesday 12th (april) and Amsterdam approx 19th

I've heard theres a fire meet in Berlin Wed nights which i'll get to (anyone have any details?) anything in Amsterdam?

Would love to meet any other spinners and would be extremely happy to swap skills/music/pc programs/firevid collection/big smiles etc. for a couch or floor for myself and my lovely lady.
happy to help out around the house etc. ubbrollsmile

you can reach me here or :

also anyone have any fuel suggestions?

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Fire coach - Cirque du Soleil
Location: Bristol, UK

Total posts: 89
Posted:Ah HA!

'There is a weekly staff gathering on mondays 20:00 and a weekly poi gathering on thursdays 20:00 at the RAW Tempel. The exact adress is "RAW Tempel", Revaler Strasse 99 (near U+S Warschauer Strasse) in house 3 ("Stoff und Gertelager", first floor, in the rooms of the "Vsch EV" (Verein zur berwindung der Schwerkraft)'

if anyone knows if this is current or not let me know smile



Location: Utrecht

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im from berlin, but sorry, at the moment i'm in france.
here are some links to a thread of a german forum (dont worry if you dont understand anything),
these are all spinners from berlin, well...almost (hehe, if else it would be too easy, wouldnt it?)
so just try to post or e-mail everybody of them.
if you need any further help, just post.
good luck.


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