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Posted:It was friggin awesome! I thought that it was just going to be a normal practice, but then the leaders of the troupe marched up to me and demanded that I light up. I stood there in shock and al that I could say was "WHAT?!?"

They only gave me enough fuel for a short burn, but I was nervous either way (shaking, sweaty palms, the whole nine yards). So they light me, and for about ten seconds I forget the whole "swinging" thing that I'm supposed to be doing and stand there with, what I'd assume to be, a VERY confused look on my face.

All in all tho, when I finaly came to my senses, it went pretty well. I need to reallly work on my transitions tho (the lit poi got introduced to my right hip). The shaking continued throughout my "performance", but I'm pretty sure that it will pass as I continue and gain more experience.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share my first burn


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Posted:Hey, Congratulations. Glad you had fun biggrin

To the mods... I do think it would be a good idea if we could have The Official My Frist Burn Thread stickied to the first social page.

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Posted:Congrats.. The first burn is indeed a good thing. Catching yourself on fire is always fun as well.. Just wait till ya singe off a chunk of hair, or get some flames in the mouth :P. Get comfy with the fire.. touch it, play with it, you get over your fears very quickly. Just don't play with the chains, they hurt :P.


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Posted:bounce2 Oh singeing your hair is a right of passage! Dont be worried aobut it tongue

Congratulations the first burn is amazing isnt it. You'll hardly be nervouse at all the next time its just first nerves. bounce

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