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Most of the staffs I see offered for sale have tube core wicks but I have seen a few staff (maybe they were juggling clubs) with cathedral wicks. Anyone tried cathedral wicks on staff? How do they compare in fire size and length of burn? Can you put giant monkeyfists on the ends of a staff? smile

I have found lots of discussion about different wick design for poi but not much on staff.

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I'm not a staff spinner (saving something for when I get bored with poi) but I've already considered how to attach different wicks to the ends of a tube.

The only trouble I can see with using something other than tube cores, is that without the staff running through the wick they're much more prone to being knocked off, unless they are fixed very firmly.

Cathedrals could be mounted with a bolt through them, attached to a plug in the staff that expands as the bolt is tightened, and monkey fists could be tied around balls attached to the staff ends in a similar manner. My only worry would be the plug coming loose after a few knocks, so something a bit more engineered, like a solid metal plug, threaded down the center for the bolt, and with screws fixing it to the tube might be better idea. Not everyone has access to tools for making something like that though.

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you might find this picture of some interest. Pyromonkey made that, have a chat with him.

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If the staff was solid, you could thread the ends, and put a pair of locknuts on each end.


This would be at each end, where:
= is the handle.

Hardest part with this one is threading the bar long enough to do put wicks on. Though, if you just got threaded bar, and put a handle on it, then you shouldn't have to worry.

If hollow, you could still do something similar, i guess, but it would be rather tricky without some tools/equipment, like a welder.


(Just pretend that the W_W_ is an underlined line of W's)

Much the same, but this time:
W= wick
_= threaded bar
*= Weld
| = washer
-- = handle

Or, in words, you put the threaded bar into the hollow pipe, and weld it there, then use it like a bolt.

If you wanted to be really tricky, you could thread the inside of the pipe, and the rod, and screw them together.

For these, i'd recommend using two nuts, so they lock together.

I'll draw them up and scan them if that'd make it easier to understand?

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the monkey i live with (simian) has monkeyfists for his nesbits, but they originally came with cathedral wicks.

Im my opinion.. they kick arse bounce

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What are nesbits?

I can weld nuts into the ends of my staff without any problem, would need to use Loc-Tite or some other thread locking compound to keep them from loosening. The other way I thought of was to use a solid plug, cross-drill it and put a machine screw & nut through the staff , through the plug, and out the other side of the staff. MiG, the threaded rod welded into the staff and the wick secured to it with a couple of nuts is a good idea too.

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look at the concertina staffs.

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