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Has anyone expiremented with pyrotechnics in your routines? Seems a group of pyros like this would.

Here in the US we have what are called "sparklers". Small wire rods that emit a shower of sparks when lit. Safe enough to be handheld by children. If you attached a sparkler to each end of your staff near the wick, it would give you sparks for a short period.

What about Flash Cotton? Sold in magic supply stores, it burns very quickly creating a flash. Lycopodium powder (Dragon's Breath) is also used by magicians, this powder is only flammable when suspended in air and will not burn otherwise. If you threw a handful into the air and ran your staff through it you might get a fireball.

Just curious! confused

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*cries* I hate AZ.

All that stuff is illegal, I may have to ask a friend if he know where to get ahold of the sparklers though..

I mean, I have a bag of fire crackers, sitting not 10 feet from my desk, and I can't do anything with them frown

In other news, the sparklered poi look awesome.

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