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Pink...?BRONZE Member
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So my sister has asked me to help her,

She says,
"I ideally need somewhere to host my website. I'm running ASP.NET 2.0 with 2 SQL databases. Ian's offered for me to host it on his work's server but I'd rather have it hosted properly. I've looked at various companies and they're charging 100 p/a plus because of the features I want (need!). US sites charge less, but I'd rather have it hosted in UK."

Which doesn't make much sense to me. But please any help would be muchly appreciated as it's for her dissertation, and i want her to pass with a first smile

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SymBRONZE Member
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Wow, people actually want ASP.NET hosting? I'm amazed!

I've never used or wanted to use, but I think she should go for a US host. UK prices are a lot more than in the US.

1&1 hosting are good, have a look at this

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TheGreatSaintGOLD Member
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Host in canada, we used to be part of the UK. is very good, but it's mostly linux servers. Which kinda bunks your ASP.NET and because its such a large company, I find it is impossible to deal with tehcnical support. is a personal friend of mine, he'd be able to host your website. I've tried the site before, everything is windows.

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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it's not expensive to host, (tho you might get charged extra if you need to install many third party components) does your sister mean MSSQL? it's closely tied to the Visual Studio integrated development environment. it's the transaction level MSSQL databases with ADO that cost money. Shifting the database connector to open source solutions such as MYSQL 4.1.6 could help, tho it doesn't offer ADO (i hear 5.0 does but i wouldn't have enough experience in it to advise running production servers with it)

in short, ASP 3.0 / ASP.Net = cheep, MSSQL not cheap.
if you sister is reading this, please ask her if she eats enough vegemite.

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Pink...?BRONZE Member
Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
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She says, thanks for the suggestions, please keep them coming,

And Bender - too late to shift the database and she does mean MSSQL.
And she's more of a marmite lover, and her husband perfers beer ubblol

you know i have NO IDEA what so ever what you are talking about ubblol But please keep it coming smile


Never pick up a duck in a dungeon...

Gayle......!SILVER Member
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Pink, i might be able to help, well Neal's brother may be able to. Give us a ring.


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Posted: is a uk web hosting site, which i'm pretty sure supports SQL databases, not sure about the ASP, but you can pass on the link and she can have a look... smile

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