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Posted:Hey people,

Im looking for a poi workshop in Brighton, Looking forward to coming to Spitalfields for the first time on tuesday but thinking about move to Brighton, anyone shed some light?

Jules ;-)

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Posted:Ummm.... No 'workshops' that I know of, but there are quite a few meets, weekly and monthly. Theres one at a place called the pressure point on Saturdays (I think- never actually been), theres also a large group that go and play on the level (open park) on tuesdays, and theres one on the beach every second saturday afternoon and evening on the beach under the west pier. If you need any more info, let me know and I'll see if I can help. angelblue

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Posted:Me and a few people want to get together for weekly poi meets and possibly set up a poigroup to perform at festivals too. Anybody interested?

Also we are organizing for Nick Woolsey from to come to Brighton and he would do workshops end of october for Beginners and Advanced. Please contact me for info.



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Posted:Brighton! Yes, ooh over here!

I run a personal training company, Z-Fitness, specialising in incorperating different discaplines such as spinning and aerial circus into personal fitness plans. I will be running some group classes in the very near future.

Unfortunately I have just lost my studio to damp problems and dissagreable landlords... but can certainly arrange private sessions at different venues, and can let you know about group classes.

Please drop me a note at and I'll keep you informed smile

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