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Hubert_CumberdaleSILVER Member
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Its bloody hard isn't it?

When spinning single in the HP, swapping hands is necessary in order to deal with the fact that your body is in the way. Fine for single but that operation is excluded when you other hand is full.. of erm, staff - its just physics so I know I shouldn't get wound up about it really mad

Any tips?

(or diagrams, mpegs)

Ta in adcvance peeps,


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its a struggle that we all deal with every day. But with a little bit of dodgy insynchronicity, you can move into a cross formation and still switch hands. Or get into doubles, horizontal throws, which are ridiculously messy. Its the point in time that i realised that staffs arent as logical as they seem

elsamsaraSILVER Member
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If you move them in the same direction you can stall them at the height of your belly. Then try to move only one and end in the same stall. So far I did not find much good moves from there but there is definitely much to discover! I think working with turns and combat moves should be the key!?

Although the throws in horizontal plane are really hard, I think it's worth to go for it smile I try to start from parallel rotors (one hand forward the other revers), but I am not sure if this is best.
You can throw one staff over your head and pass the other behind your back. Or throw both at different heights over your head what would look very impressive. Or throw one of them vertical into the air, do a 360-turn and catch in the same hand.
(Other possibilities: [Old link]

And of course you can try contact movements. But that's even harder ubbloco

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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there are many beautiful variations with palming - swapping palms, palming into helicopter-like throws, plaming into contact.... etc.

also, many foot contact movements can be considered horizontal staffing

more importantly, are you getting enough vitamin B? i would advise you increase your intake of Vegemite. mmm yummy.

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Hubert_CumberdaleSILVER Member
[psylocibin fingerbobe].
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Many thanks for those suggestions. I'm going to give it all a try, whilst trying not to smash things up in the kitchen.

Lots of food for thought there...

Speaking of food.. vegemite - You think it'll help? I do eat lots of twiglets ubbangel



elsamsaraSILVER Member
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Location: Munich, Germany

Found two nice moves yesterday...
you do a turn to the right, that means you start the movement with your left leg. angle it so that it has a 90 angle from your hip and also a 90 angle between thight and lower leg. deposit the staff from the left hand on your thight and pass the other one behind the back. then take the staff on your thight with the left hand and finish your turn smile
(the staffs are spinning in the same direction in this example anti clockwise if i look up)

and the other one has a little contact. you do a palm spin with one hand and put the other staff at your wrist and turn it around it. if done correctly they move parallel one full turn and tada you can take the one at the wrist back into the free hand...

FireSpiritSILVER Member
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Im having the same problems with my 6 foot doubles? Horizontal moves are hard!!!


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One of my warm up exercises is to finger twirl my staff anti-clockwise on the HP above my head. I try and see how long I can do it before I mess up or my arm gets tired. The games isn't fun anymore because I can do it indefinately. I usually just get bored :<

But yeah, I think exercises are important and that's how I get my tricks going fluid.

- Eric

strugzBRONZE Member
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After seeing this thread ive started playing with horizontals more....

damn they can be hard - but ive found that contact moves help alot......

There are alot of steve variations you can do with doubles - rolling one whilst palm spinning the other....... turning helps with this move alot smile

Also - roundy roundy neck spins (continuosly on the back of neck) if you get the legwork and timing right you can weave the other around each leg - (leaning over) - wierd ass move and makes me feel the hunchback whilst doing it - shoulder blades all in the air and large circular turns on spread out legs - kinda funny to watch id imagine at the moment ubblol

Still - some food for thought - ill be back after falmouth biggrin

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EveishGOLD Member
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There is a relatively easy version of a HP throw, that I don't think I can expain..argh! One tip when playing with the idea, It all depends what part of the spin you throw it on. keep trying, then when it works, copy exactly the moment you threw from.
There are a bunch of really cool techniques for swapping two staves over, if you play with swapping first on the vertical plane, you can in time translate similar moves to HP.
does this make any sense.. eep i'm babling pink fluff again!!!

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