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Hey all!

By request of the producers I *have* to be
somewhat secretive about this event until you are
fully signed on but let me is HUGE! No
really. I didn't even know the magnitude of it until
I did my meeting today...I have never been so
excited over something in my life.

The event is on April 21st from 6-10 (need to be
there 5 for co-ordination purposes) here in
downtown Rochester in the evening.
What I am looking for are people to make a really
strong visual impact...and it *will* lead to more
work in the future...from the sounds of it, quite a
bit more.

I need people willing to be Human Statues and
Living Centerpieces for my tables.
I need ladies to be "cigarette" girls.
I need extreme and strolling acts including
magicians, jugglers, acrobalancers, non-clown stilt
walkers, one more, maybe two, fire peeps, etc.

All acts will need to be costumed..either formal
or traditonal extreme. All cigarette girls, Living
Tables and Human Statues will have their costumes
provided or recommended (depending on sizes needed).
All acts will need to be over the age of 18.

If you are interested in trying a relatively easy position, I can train limitedly (Human Statue, Living Centerpieces).

I have been given a shoestring budget because it
is for charity and the most I can offer is maybe gas money. Because it is for charity you can get a reciept for services donated for tax purposes. Volunteers will be paid in amazing prints from a local gallery, food and drink.

I will be able to give you more details once you
sign on, but I do need to know ASAP (within a week).

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon either by
email at


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