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I organise this event every year and this year it has to be one to remember! a good friend of mines mum who used to help organise this event in past years, died last year in a car crash (rip) so we HAVE to make this year a good one in her memory.

i was wondering if we could maybe organise a HoP meet on the day?? run some workshops?? HoP could even have their own stall??
this is a charity event for willen hospice so i wouldnt be able to pay much.
it will be a nice day.. there is a bar...so do you wanna help me make it a mayday to remember???

its on may the first in milton keynes... overnight space can be sorted..

mail me if you want more details

thanks for your time in reading this post

:-) juggle

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i'd be up for it

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OOOOooooOOOO yay bounces!!! mesg me with what you wanna do and if you need a place too stay! even if you just wanna come for the day...it will be so good to have some hoppers there!!


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