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Posted:Hey I like to DL alot of Techno songs i need some to DL i can't think of any will someone please help me. Anything Good will be nice. Oh and if anyone has seen those clips of Dj Wes,Amith,and Wayne will someone please help me out with what those songs are called....

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Posted:anything from TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE is good

if u have IRC...



they gots lotsa music to leech from

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Posted:dunno, I really only like 2 types of edm to dance with fire, drum n bass, or trance(core)..Here's some of my favorites

-man made man
-juno reactor
-infected mushroom
-Future Prophecy

-Black Sun Empire
-Cause 4 Concern
-Concord Dawn
-Total Science

oops, forgot hk
-Ely Muff
-Ron D Core
-Omar Santana

thats just the tip of the iceberg..If you listen to the stations on Live365, alot of the have track listings, look around until you find something you like, then you'll have the artist name and song name..

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Posted:you just cant beat a bit of body rock by andy.c dark jungle by DJ hype is pretty damm good too
awww the fun ive had to body rock *looks wistful* oh the good old days!!
ooooh i nearly forgot ozrictentacles, but i didnt so thats ok!!

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Posted:I replied to a thread in the help section where jephyre was after the new cosmic gate cd and although I couldnt halp with that directly I gave this link http://www.es2.org.uk/mixes.html#
br>where you can download some techno sets.

I mix dnb and pretty soon Im gonna get off my lazy arse and post up a few sets of mine for people to download.


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