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Posted:I watched Pay It Foward quite a while ago and I have found that it has completly changed the way I live my life...
About 3 months ago I was getting off a bus in a Brissie south suburb at about 11 at night...It was quite chilly and there was a girl in a small sparkly dress and high heels looking around like she was completly disorientated...I called out to her and asked if she was ok to which she replyed "where am I?"
I was all like 'uhoh'..
I asked her what her name was, to which she couldnt remember and I asked her where she had been because she was very dressed up and she replied that she remembered that she had been at the horse races and had drank wine but that was all she remembered...
I thought 'oh no shes been rowied' (rohypnol) (sp)
All of a sudden a guy pulled up in a taxi and said "which one of you called me?"
I had a terrible feeling for the poor girl so I told her I would take her home and sent the cabbie on his way...
Problem...she couldnt remember where she lived!!!
So I asked if she had a mobile and rang the home number on it...grabbed hte address off her father and drove her home...she was very groggy by the time I got her home and I was just really thankful that I could help her...Her father wanted to repay me for gas but I was like "no way..I would just like if you pay it foward"...and he had seen the movie and smiled the BIGGEST SMILE i had that was my reward...
For those of you who havent seen the movie the concept of Pay it foward is that you must choose three people and help them.. it cant be something easy like giving someone 40 cents to use the phone..It has to be a selfless act to help someone....those people in turn have to help three people and those people have to help three people and so on and so forth...It is an excercise in love and Faith...and I for one will be living this way for the rest of my days...We may not think that we are able to change the world as we know it...but it is definatly worth a shot....
Love to you all

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Posted:someone paid it forward for me today and put a few hundred unexpectd pounds in my bank account!!!!i think it was computer error or divine intervention?? i thought these things only happened in dreams...and i was introducing some kids to the concept of pay it forward just this morning after reading this thread...woohooo all this after i was getting awfully stressed about xmas and 2 birthdays to finance for 2 wonderful kids....




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Posted:I think it was divine intervention! hehe or at least it's nicer to think of it that way....
Have fun buying lots of cool Christmas and Birthday pressies for your kiddies now

We all take different paths in life, but no matter which path we take, we take a little of each other everywhere...


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