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Posted:Just curious who might be interested in participating!

Basically the breakdown is: everyone involved gets randomly assigned someone else to send a present to, but the recipient is not made aware of who the giver is until they get the present. Naturally this would involve some mailing of things, so not sure how feasible it is, but would ppl be cool with the idea? Perhaps give all the names to a Mod to randomly reassign gift givers and then only the giver gets the real-life addy... Complicated but possible, yah?


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Posted:thats a good idea but, what about posting and handling, money how much is too much or less and trust do we trust each other even on the net?


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Posted:Sounds like a great idea in theory, but in practice very confusing and a lot of hard work.

Too late for christmas too, unless everyone sends that annoying present they hate

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