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Posted:ok...I know that it isnt christmas EVERYWHERE yet...but it is HERE so tell this nosey lil chicken what you got for Christmas...
P.S...I know its not all about presents...Im just excited like Big Kev.

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Posted:heehhehehe...and here i thought i was the only person cracked enough to buy one of those kung fu hamsters...hehehe...i have 5 of em...i got em for friends of mine as joke gifts and yesterdday i came home and my friend samantha had duct taped the poor little guys to my front door . apparently they didnt like em much . ah thinkin of puttin a bit of wick on the nun chucks and lightin em all up in a circle and have them spinning those while i spin poi in the center of all five of em...just for the hell of it

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Posted:I got a gift even better than dom's....

I got to hang out with all sorts of cool people all over socal. I got new friends.... places to stay.... food to keep me alive... new spinning tricks.... a whole lot of hugs....

and... two person poi moves!

Love to everyone, and thanks for the best christmas season ever!

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Posted:Okay, I know posting a message this late about what I got for Christmas is kinda lame - but I only just got home from Noosa, got to see my other family members and hence only just got my long awaited Christmas presents... yay!
So here's my list...

* A djembe drum from the Eumundi Markets from my little Bro....
* A ticket to Big Day Out and my mobile phone from my parents....
* 40 litres of kero from my Grandfather..... aawww! hehe
* A roll of Kevlar from my Mum which I used a small part of to make a set of Double Staffs. Very funk-ay.
* Mallrats DVD and a bunch of other stuff from my bestie Jarrett....
* A knitted beanie with a bobble thing that comes all the way down my back from my college buddies...hehe

I think I did pretty well....


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Posted:*revives an old thread*

Sorry it's a little late, but my internet access has been somewhat limited recently...

I got:

100 which is gonna be used to buy a couple of Proballs
Some stretchy socks for when I buy the proballs,
some new fire poi,
Lots of socks (I actually asked for these, because I hate buying stuff like that)
And that's about it, actually...

For once my presents were perfect because they were what I actually asked for, instead of loads of absolute sh!te that would get thrown away a week after Christmas...

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