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jameswest16BRONZE Member
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Im very stuck,
i can do 5 beat forward weave but when i try the 5 beat backwards weave i keep smacking myself. I dont even know how to go about starting it!! the video on the site doesn't help, you can't see the detail. Can anyone help?!!

Tao StarPooh-Bah
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1. everyone has this problem, so don't worry, mostly it's just practice.

2. keep your hands as low down near your waist as poss, this at the very least stops you hitting yourself in the face and gives the poi more room to swing to the side.

3. remember that you're leading with a different hand than usual because of the extra beat, so concentrate on swinging that poi quickly to your fact the whole thing's just a tiny bit quicker generally, especially when you're learning it.

4. dodge. that really helped me! (and avoids black eyes & broken noses)

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fNiGOLD Member
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5bt rev weave

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