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Hey, I've been spinning the fireknife for nearly half a year now, I learned in Kona from the Island Breeze guys. Took me a few weeks to get a routine down, unfortunately I only did it casually and never truly invested much time into it. After having left the islands, I seek to improve my fireknifing skills and have been able to successfully learn many movements from spins, throws, catches; there isn't much variability, its just a matter of linking the movements together. However, I have been having trouble with the spinning of the knife on a horizontal access. I have been able to accomplish above my head and while bending over close to the ground, but I for some reason I cannot do/dont understand the movements for doing it while standing. Could anyone add input as to how to do this?

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is he talkin' palming moves when he says 'horizontal access'?
please gimme more info so we's can know if we's can help you.

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