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Posted:I can quaere once again practise time is use middle finger or ring finger?

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Posted:i'm not sure exactly what you mean, but if i'm reading it right you're asking what's better to practice with, from what i've herd it doesn't really matter. what ever is comfortable to you is the right way. there is no Exact way you have to hold your Poi...


but i probally just answered a question you weren't even asking, LOL w/e. i hope it helps... somewhat

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Posted:Most people prefer their forefinger, some use their middle. Even if the handles are single finger loops, many people use two or even three fingers (when using three it is common to wrap the handle in between the fingers).

It's just whatever feels the most comfortable to you, however I've not heard of anyone using the ring finger on its own, though it doesn't mean its not right, just not common.

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Posted:In my opinion, you have a better feel and sense of control with index/middle finger conbination because you are so used to using the index finger for various daily tasks. With Middle/Ring, you get a better overall strength and symetry with the Poi directily in line with your forearms. My humble theory. tongue

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Posted:When I used Poi with handles (once upon a time... rolleyes) I started with middle/ring fingers cause I found it better to control the parallelysm of my left-hand and right-hand circles and that made easier the movements of my wrists. Then I started not to use handles and I wrap chains, cords, socks on my hands smile

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