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Posted:This'll be fun to be at:
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There is a Peace Circle being held in Melbourne
March 14th Full Moon, around 7pm

We have A Bagpipe player, Flutes, Guitars, Voices, Violins and are in need of any wonderfull drummers that are out their and wish to participate in an anti negativity Ritual transforming Dark to Light

It will be in the Fairfield area 10 min from Northcote Victoria
on March 14th

transport pick ups can be arranged (PM me and i will get in touch with the organisers)

Prep meeting is Tues 7th & Wed 8th of March you only need to attend one.

This will be an amazing event combining all Religions,All nationalities, Both genders

An expierence not to be missed

Hope to connect soon

in Magick & Music

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