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Posted:a friend of mine's organizing a fire meet/manipulation gathering

basicly its at Goodrington Sands Paignton, In torbay. Its a beautiful golden sands beach. planning a beach fire, fire works, and some music such as bongos, gutairs and maybe a p.a rig for a DJ. Plus maybe a BBQ. Good Friday 14th April. 6 pm till the eairly hours.

so come one come all anyone's invited, always good to see new faces
but mostly better to see old ones ubbrollsmile

I like Languages.

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Posted:yeah this is gonna be a fun meet. Beach fire and fireworks too. I am trying to sort a rig out for a DJ atm but i'm not counting on it. but there will be gutairs and bongo player. anyone from the devon area please come. shall be fun.




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Posted:hmm...this sounds nice.

and you need a pa? what kind of size are you looking for?

I have access to a 1k system and possibly a generator to run it. any help?

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