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I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or beginning moves for doing 4 poi at once? Ive pretty much mastered 2 poi, looking for something new. Any help is appreciated.

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humm, jhonathan that stuff about turning your hand over is really intresting... is this how you thread the needle one handed?

I was also thinking about weaving 2 flys.

youd have to have them going opposite times, one up with the other down, and then you would weave them just like a butterfly waeve, the only diffrence being, if you were doing normall buterflys the timing on the weave would be like a split time 2 poi weave (as you would thread the weave top and bottom, not at the sides) and a split-time 4 poi weave would use the tim8ing of a normall 2 poi bf weave, as the threading would go though at the sides.

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yes probably is the one handed thread the needle rather than weave.

but two handed weave....... different than two poi. it requires some doubling up of the beats............ its not really like two poi where you go left over right over left over right.......

with 4 poi its more like shuffle shuffle right shuffle right left shuffle shuffle...................

its not really like a two poi weave, or a two staff/reel weave. i guess you could say its like two 5 beat patterns linked by a crossing of the arms

the best way i can describe two butterflys is like using four staff, two in each hand..... and each end going in different directions. that'll give you a clue about how easy it is to tangle them up, and what moves you can do.

i only know my way of doing butterflys, theres bound to others but if you want to learn the moves i put up then start with the 4 turns and work your way up from there.


speak for yourself, dont speak 4 me, do we see any comments from the moderator? no, have i ever had this debate face to face with others?; yes. god i may be a prick, but at least i dont take myself seriously.

so with that in mind i ask for a description of a reel................
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