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I've been wanting to get in to Poi twirling for a long time now, and I've just brought a Fire Staff that i've been twirling and enjoying, I'm keen to buy a set of Poi, my question to you guys, is do fire poi make alright learners? I mean I wouldn't light them up for a long time, but I dont find much sense in buying ball poi only to replace them in a few weeks with Fire Poi...
I appreciate your help

FireByNiteSILVER Member
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I know alot of peopla swear by sock poi (apparently don't hurt as much when learning wink) but I have to say I bought the cheapest pairin thwe shop, wire instead of chain & they were great for learning smile

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jublianGOLD Member
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socks and tennis balls are where its at dude.

no of this fire business

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SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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IMO for learning, long socks with either juggling balls/tennis balls or ballons filled with lentels (to a weight you like) are the way to go. Once you know the basic moves and find you can do them comfortably then get a pair of fire poi to practice with. The fire poi will feel different and spin differently, but because you know the basic moves to make with your hands/arms it will be easy for you to transer the moves from socks to fire poi. Sock poi hurt less and are more forgiving when you make mistakes.

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IgirisujinSILVER Member
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In my experiance all the different types of poi (LED's, tails, socks, fire) are different to spin with and after spinning with all my sets I couldnt ever part with them, if any brake I will have to replace them. I didnt realise this until I picked up other peoples poi because I just used to spin with my tails. I find that no type of unlit poi could be replaced by fire spinning and no type of LED's no matter how many colours they flash can replace fire, or even tails and socks.

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I ended up getting the firepoi, it was 65 dollars, good length and I've been having fun. Haven't hit myself hard yet, altho I think I might just start putting 5 dollars aside here and there for some LED ones in the future, just for practice,
I can see it getting a bit funky after a few burns-which wont be for a long time smile

GeoffonTour04SILVER Member
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I would reccommend starting with socks, but also use tennisballs or glowsticks to get a feel for different weights & lengths of string and what you prefer.

I made my own firepoi cause it's about 2.50 for everything except the heads, and I could pick my own thickness of chain etc. The fire heads I got (practice ones from hop) are very heavy compared to all my other stuff and clocking yerself proper hurts if you're going at any speed, but you learn to stall it before it hits after a while so it's going slower.

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1) dont buy the cheapest in the shop, FireByNight you havebeen lucky, the cheap ones have shoddy constuction, tend to be atbest un reliable and at worst dangerous. And dont buy wire, its horrible.

2) once youve gone and and shelled out on your fire poi, there isnt much point in messing the wick up bashing them off the ground wile you practice, so socks and balls for everyday practice, cost pittance, or you can make it cost less if you use shoelaces and tennis balls, tho thease can get a bit anoying to untangle, and socks untangle very good.

3) make your own, its not hard, but avoid split rings.

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boobookittyfudgeGOLD Member
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i have several sets as well. i use my fuzzy heads to learn new tricks then i move to LED and then fire. i wrap my fire heads in aluminum foil and then i have little bags (drawstring) to go on the heads that i made so i don't mess up the wick while i practice. but always practice with unlit fire heads to get the feeling of the weight difference. but mostly i use practice poi. the fire heads are for, *blush*, special occasions.

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I set out to practice last night,
getting spins forwards and backwards, split swinging, and the butterfly... having alot of fun, the fire poi are definately intimidating when swinging around, but no collisions yet,
I've been attempting the weave but haven't got it down yet.
I've just spent all my money on a firestaff, poi, and a new uni, so LED poi might be a few weeks off smile
I think I can survive on just the fire poi tho,

FireByNiteSILVER Member
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Written by: [Nx?


FireByNight you havebeen lucky, the cheap ones have shoddy constuction, tend to be atbest un reliable and at worst dangerous. And dont buy wire, its horrible.

I did get lucky. & I was only meaning for beginners ones, e.g. weave, butterfly, ttn etc. No good when you start doing more tricks. IMO

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my sock poi are made with racquet balls in socks, they are smaller and just as heavy as tennis balls, also if you tightly rubberband the sock every 4 to 6 inches starting at the head it reduces the amount of drag from the sock

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True but you want at least a little drag for when you start spinning fire ropes wink I have a set of TePooka practice poi that are really nice to spin with and weren't too expensive. I also have about three sets of socks of varying weights and lengths.

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I started with glowsticks and progessed to a fire set (that i made) ubblove

Personally getting smacked with chains and wicks ... or glowsticks to the face .. make you a better spinner. Own up to the pain!!! The best way to learn to not mess up is if it hurts weavesmiley

JayKittyGOLD Member
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Go unbounded! I did the same thing. I've got fond memories of my own homemade handles. hehe, crappy vinal sewn together, but they stayed together. I never thought of using a simple dog leash. But yeah, my first fire set was home made too. Went from glowsticks(pain to learn with) to performance tails to fire.

As for the LEDs, depending on what style you spin, I suggest beaming poi, I love mine, they do hurt though. For a softer more glowstick feel, try streetlights, or those blazing lightsticks maybe, I've heard good things about them.

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jaeroSILVER Member
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making your own is where it's at. use a carabiner or however you spell it at the end to attach your head. the kind that you can screw tight. for practice poi, you can attach a tennis ball to the end. then you can take those off and put your fire heads on when you're ready. by the way, for handles, I'd suggest going to an outdoor outfitters of something and getting climbing strap. 35 cents a foot, so strong and soooo comfortable.

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