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I came across my fav music video online, and I noticed its got looovley streaming speed, at least if you are on broadband that is. Anywhoo I wanted to share the brilliance that is Alison Goldfrapp to the world, and wanted to find out what is your favourite usic video?

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THIS at the moment

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 Written by: Havokist

I think that Girls Not Grey by AFI is a rather strange video, and probably one of my favourites, but my favourite has to be Crushed Like Fruit by InMe as i think that at atleast one point in their career nearly ever rock band has dreamed of having a building fall apart because of what they're playing tongue

Dude, i totally agree, InMe's video is just genius, but i also want to add Evil by Interpol, and for comedy, Korn - Twisted transistor

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