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so im wondering, are there advantages and disadvantages to all the various grips?
holding in your palm would seem to work well, but putting it between two differnt fingers also seems to work.
any opinions?

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takes all sorts to make a poi community..........

not that i really know but some moves seem easier if you hold the poi so that your fingers bend instead of your wrists.

but then you can miss out on some learning by not bending your wrists................

im sure you can do all the moves with the majority of hand grips. personally, i feel its the foot work that lets you link up series of moves ect

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Grips held at the fingers (ie finger loops) tend to give more control and stretch.

Grips held in the palm and not attached to you (ie ball/ring grips) are good for throws/catches and are easy to drop if you get wrapped up.

Grips that are secured to your hands (noose/strap on) give security so you wont drop/throw the poi accidentally but can also cause you to burn yourself in an emergency.

Those are the 3 main types of grips I know of and the pros and cons that go with them as far as I have found.

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I'd divide your first category into two sets - poi attached by some kind of finger loops (good for giving an extra bit of reach and gives you another place to add more beats) and the grip where you actually hold the poi in between your thumb and forefinger which is what you do with sock poi - I find it gives the most control, especially with buzzsaw-type moves.

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I do two finger loops, one on my index and one on my middle. I find that it gives me the strength that it takes not to tear my wrists apart, because I can rely on my arm muscles if I want to, but it allows me to open my hand and move my fingers also. It changes the style a lot, I find and gives TONS more control than just holding the poi in your hand. It's like poi on power steering... more graceful, faster, easier, less in your hand...

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Key grip and button handles all the way here...

i do waaay too much throwing to use finger loops, and in some ways i find finger loops have less controle becasue the centre point in key grip is right at you pinched thumb and finger...

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