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So today I went in search of a tattoo parlor.
I have several friends that do tat work, and wanted to see what else was out there because I am planning on having some extensive work done on friday.

I had heard amazing things about this chain of studios called Extreme Graphix, which are here in the Rochester area.
Walking into the place, I could tell it was clean and very sanitation concious. That is a definite plus. I wasn't fond of the art on the walls but I had my own designs so I wasn't worried, and on flesh, they did some nice work.
HOWEVER, there were 4 men in the place, all of them had seen my best friend and I walk in and not one of them asked to help us. NOT ONE!

I spoke up and said I needed a time quote on some tats and a price quote as well, knowing full well how long each would take and how much each *should* cost. First of all, we were treated with absolute indifference, as if we were complete idiots. This pissed me off completely. Then when he quoted me, he played it up 3 hours more than it should take and he overpriced it by a several HUNDRED dollars! I couldn't believe it!

Now, my best friend and I walked in there looking like two soccer moms, truth be told, not like the stereotypical pierce and tat kids in a college town. I still do not see that as an excuse for a business to treat us with such blatant disregard.
I have already logged a complaint with the chain manager through the net, and will be calling tomorrow. They lost out on not only my business, but once I tell my friends, I know they will not go there either.
Needless to say, I am getting my work done by one of my friends.
Odd though, normally we get this type of treatment for looking "socially abnormal", and this time we get it for looking "socially acceptible". Sheesh....I can't win!

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sorry to hear about that, Pele. sounds like the type of mess i had to deal with when i was after info on how to get my artwork available for others' use. Oddly, I've noticed that the tattooists that are the worst behaved tend to be the ones you don't want around you with the tattoo gun. *hugs* here's to smooth inking for ya! *cheers*

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Kinda know how you feel. I love my tatt, I think it is very nice and simple work, and the guy who did it was very good as a tattoo artist. However in terms of professionalisn he really stuffed up. I chat frequently with one of the girls who works in the shop, and she had said he was very good. She let me know what hours he was working, and I just dropped by to get it done. On three separate occasions (the second two when I had appointments) he was not in when he was supposed to be. He was also uncontactable. On the third occasion he rocked up at about 3pm (the shop was to close at 5pm), and told me he couldn't do anything cos he needed to make some needles, which would take him 2 hours.

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

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Ya I hear ya all!
It is so hard to find a Good Tat Artest around. You really need to be concise and careful. My first tat was when I was 15. I loved Cat Stevens, and had to have the Tiger on the mountain top, off the back of his Gratest Hits album! I went with a bunch of collage kids I worked with, and was scared S8itless! Then it didnt come out right! My uncle saw it a few years later and was horified! (Very Tattooed Man) So he took me to his Buddys shop and got it fixed.
I was lucky! Tattoo's stay on you for life!
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I've had the same thing here in the UK.. I've got both my shoulders done, my left is more or less totally covered with ink - I walked into a tattoist other than mine with a friend to get hers done (as she'd had a recommendation)- now I don't look like I have such heavy tattoage as I'm a schweet ickly girlie.. so he treaded me like I was complete idiot and that I didn't know what I was talking about.. It got to the point where I had to prove that I had ink - so I whipped of my top to show him - he shut up as he recognised the work straight away - My tattoist, Andy is an ex hells angel and is very very forboding if you don't know him - I think I must be one of the only girls that can sit on his knee and call him sweety.. anyway - as soon as he realised that I was a client of Andy he was suddenly very nice.. but I took my friend to see Andy instead.

Tattoist are a law unto themselves.. some of them think they are god, some look like the Devil and act like angels.. If I was to get a tattoo done and had not had any before - I'd find a friend who had had one and ask them to go with me..

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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Here's the thing, this isn't my first tat and I know what I am talking about as before my uncle died he was an award winning tat artist, as well as the head of a local biker club which had several tat artists in it. I have three friends who are artists, only one of whom I like his work (the one who'll be doing my stuff, now that I found him! )

I am in a way glad to know I am not the only one, but it is still so insulting since most of the tat community that I know is really friendly and great!
Oh and FS, the designs are ones I drew a few years ago. I still look at them and like them, they really represent me and speak to me. I know what it is like to have on that is messed up. I got my first at 18 (11 years ago! ) and will be having it fixed on Friday. I still love the idea behind the design though, which is why I am not getting it covered!

Thanks for sharing everyone. It has helped me alot!
And on a follow up note, I still haven't heard back from the shop where I logged the complaint.

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK