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Posted:Hey all you dudes i was wondering if any one wouldlike to try and help put a fire circle night on some where around the boronia area or just in the general area of Victoria. im looking to make it hopefully regular thing just need help putting the idear out there... just drop me a line if you got any idears or you wanna help. thanx Skittles ubbloco

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Posted:there's another board for meetings and gatherings (check anything under "international") you might check to see when the last time someone came thru here from your area was. biggrin and the "meet others" link on top helps find individuals if noone's gotten that organized yet. good luck and Welcome!

-- dut


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Posted:First welcome to Home of Poi. Like most people you'll take a bit of time to find your way around the boards so I'll suggest that you'll probably get more of a response doing a post in the Meet Others section and using a more descriptive title that includes the location of where you're holding a fire night or would like to start one.


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