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Posted:(I think this is the right thread for this)

I'm just courious about this. What was it like the first time you lit your poi? How long had you been spinning at the time? Did you actually have some idea of the ways to be safe about it?

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Posted:my first time with fire poi was loving and gentle. had to cure it first, which eventually turned out to be no difference personally.

my first time performing a search on a discussion topic covered before was adventuresome and full of Vitamin B, which by conincidence is also the case with Vegemite! mmm yeast speads = yum yum!

how many times a day do you eat vegemite Dedphrog? ..no wait, don't answer yet, i can clearly tell that you still need to finish that delish* vegemite sandwich that you are surely indulging in right now....

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Posted:My first experience with firestaff was, shamefully, on a drunked night out and involved a lot of vodka!

I had been practicing with a glorified broom handle for a few weeks and had bought a really crappy firestaff (that I didn't hae any intention of lighting), and then went to a bar a friend owns in bury, who decided lighting it was a good idea. We were all drunk, and it was a bar, so vodka was the first fuel we used, that failed miserably, so Fox went to the shop and we got lighter fluid.....

Itkinda went on from there, in the end, she employed us to work for her Thursday and Saturdays to get business up smile

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Posted:Mine was at Poi in the Park in December. I'd been spinning for 3 or 4 months and I'd only taken a pair of led poi down as I didn't have any fire ones and didn't expect to be spinning any. But after a while Tim asked if I'd spun fire before and if I'd like to, so I did. It was amazing. I was really struck by how remote from everything it makes me feel. I've said before in another thread that I find fire quite meditative: more or less every sense is taken up with spinning, what with the noise and light and smell and everything. So yeah it was cool. Safety-wise I was with a few experienced people so it was all very supportive. An all round positive experience smile

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Posted:That's about what I was thinking. I already "go to my own world" while spinning sometimes...I can just immagin that everything else must dissapear when you light up. *sigh*...sooner or later I'll try it.
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Posted:My first fire spin was just over a month ago, Jan11.. I had been spinning sock since about September. It was great fun.. I lit my clothes on fire right off, and that got me over the fear of accidental fuel transfer pretty quick. Was very comfortable with the fire on that first spin... second fire spin was about half a week later in a bar in front of an audience.. bwah, quite amusing that. But alot of fun..
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Posted:The first time I ever did fire poi I had been spinning tailed poi for six months, the last month of which me and a few friends had been taking lessons from a cool dude with a mohawk called si, or psy, or whatever.

After, ermmm, about 4 weeks 'ish we were invited to try fire poi for the first time, when the call for who would be first went up I was the only one, out of four, that volounteered themselves.

And I did the best spinning I had ever done!!

I pulled off a perfect fountain having only learnt it half an hour beforehand, and even a alternate butterfly 360, (which still eludes my friends much to my amusement!)

As if magically spurred on by the flames!!

I was not afraid of the fire at all, and never have been. Although I have not been able to set myself on fire or burn myself yet so theres still time!

Having seen me so excited, my friend sophie was up next. she was a lot more careful, only trying weaves and butterflies and refusing flatly to do anything behind her back. And scweeching every time the poi came a little too close.

After we all had a go on the fire poi, si says,

"who's up for doubles?"

I was like


so I did double heads on my second burn ever aswell!

no one else in our qaurtet was daring enough to try the doubles because they were tired, thats what they said but really they were just afraid!

now I have my own doubles and they rock, I would post some photos but I havent bought anything from HOP yet.


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Posted:OMG.........refrains from profanity.......

i swear i'll never open one of these threads again.

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Posted:i had only been spinning a day when i first tryed. i was so excited i made my own poi from dog chains and an old bath towel. OMFG, it was better than sex.

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Posted:I've just had mine. It was fun, but when I first started spinning them round, all I could remember was the weave. Ridiculous. It's been a while since I've been near fire though, and I'd forgotten all about the wonderful smell and noise.


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Posted:my first fire spin was on my 18th birthday. id gotten some kevvlar for my birthday so constructed myself a staff (which is still with me to this day, and i love it!) id been spinng for a few months prior to this so thought i was about ready. unbeknown to me my mate gave me a litre of petrol for my birthday (best present ive ever had!) i was pretty wasted but thought what the hell.
As i hadnt done it before nor did i know anyone else who done it i wasnt aware of burn off techniques and the like so when i lit up i had huge fireballs on either end and when i span i was gettin drops on unlit petty splashing my face , luckily i didnt ignite, it was quite a humbling experience and i havent looked back.

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Posted:oh your first time spinning!! god i have a dirty mind

I'll come back as fire and burn all the liars and leave a blanket of ashes on the ground.
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