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I've only been doing poi for a little while now, but I have a pasion to learn as many things as possible. Next on my list is flowers. Can anyone help me with getting even the basic flowers? I can't even begin to imagine how to do them. Oh, and do you need to be glowing or on fire to see them, or can you just practice in front of a mirror and see the pattern. I've seen a couple of links which talk about flowers, but none of them actually explain how to do them. weavesmiley

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Please [Old link] and then type in "flowers" underneath where it says "Keyword search terms" and make sure that only "Poi Moves" is the forum that is selected on the left hand side.


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Or, you could go [Old link] .
It's got a couple of links to threads that describe flowers in a fair bit of detail.

Also, it's very handy for lots of other moves too smile

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They're harder than they look, keeping planes straight while your arms are at full extension can be a nightmare.

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A nightmare indeed frown

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still cant do them properly ubblol

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@ adventureang & everyone else: aukay, to see the pattern of flowers you should use either glow balls or fire........when you wanna take a pic use time exposure then you will be able to see the usual flower pattern!
how to play them: there are many possibilities how to play a flower!
the basic principle is to make an extended circle with one arm and while you're doing that you pic out several points where you do extra cirles, you can pic out four points in an imagined square for instance, and while you extende your arm and make one big circle you kind of stop at these four points to make only on circle extra, but without stopping properly...!
you should always try to stay in the flow of the big circle with your extended arms..........then in the end you can choose wheather you wanna do them forwards, backwards, one each, anti-spin or mixed....etc.!

have fun or come around and i will show it to you ....or wait till the ejc!


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The real problem is to maintain the right planes when you change from one of the four "transation" of the movement to another(one day I' ll burn my right arm _) and... after a bit of HARD training... your arms praying for rest biggrin

...but they' re so wonderful with faya *__*

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