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Hi all!
A Spinner from MI here, wondering if any of you wonderful folks are heading out west to the 06 rainbow gathering. It supose to be a great time, with wonderfull people, as well as location (Colorado Mountains!). The exact location wont be released until a month or two prior (its in early july) but it WILL be on the west coast this year.
For more information check out
Cant wait to hear from yal.

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Spin More Poi!!!

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Hey sounds cool, unfortunately no where near me

For better results to this I'd advise you ask a moderator to move your thread to the [Old link] of this site as taht will get a lot more respons there smile

Will hug

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hey i was told that it was going to be in tennessee this year and not denver
either way i think i will being'll be my first time but bf and i we'll go together if we still havent killed each other-- he has been

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The rainbow gathering is for everyone!
This year's Rainbow Gathering will be held in Colorado.
the webpage for all the information you will need is

Useful data is here:

The exact location will be announced about 3 weeks before the actual start date of the gathering.
I'm driving all the way there from Michigan.
Hope to see some of ya fire spinners there!!!


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