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Can anyone help me with a poi move i've seen in quite a few videos?
The only thing i can do is describe it really as i can't work it out.
Basicly when spinning the poi it look like your holding a staff... or kind of a cannooing action i guess. I've seen it done in reverse and 4wd, but cant seem to work it out.
If anyone knows any instruction videos or site links can you please help me out, as this move looks awesome?

animatEdBRONZE Member
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The only thong that springs to mind is isolations...

If you have a look in the 'helpful advice threads', the thread stickied at the top of the poi moves page, There should be some help up there.

If it's not an isolation, then can we get a better description? Or even an example of a video you've seen it in? That way we'll know exactly what it is you're after.


EDIT: I just looked in that thread I pointed you towards, and there aren't any links to isolation threads in the first post... Have a search throught he poi moves forum, I'm fairly Certain this topic has come up before...
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Tom_ShillSILVER Member
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Presumably it's not a weave? I only ask because that 'like you're holding a staff' thing is exactly how I described a weave to someone before I could do one properly. Can you weave already? Because if you can it might be worth getting someone to video you doing it. Since you can only really see one poi at a time in a weave you don't realise what it actually looks like, but a nicely executed weave should look like a staff, with the poi heads in line with eachother, 180 degrees appart.

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ducky2108A little bit of a board whore
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I must admit, my first thought was a weave. If this is what you're on about, there's a little video in the tutorial section on this site.

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"a poi move i've seen in quite a few videos?"

Which video? At what time?


GeoffonTour04SILVER Member
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It's a weave I believe, it looks like a staff cause the timing's perfect and the strings are in a straight line.

kevabbsSILVER Member
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Yeah, it's isolations. Sorry to trouble you all, i've seen that my question has been asked like 1000 times before, i just didn't know what they were called. It's a very tricky move tho!
BTW, I can weave no problems, 5beat too.
I might try putting a video on here soon, cos my new poi are so cool. I have the Wolf's revenge 3 headed fire poi, and also the fire snakes, so i get y'all a vid up soon.
Thanks for everyone who's posted in reply to me. You all awesome!

flash fireBRONZE Member
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What a happy ending! smile

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