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Posted: I've just been in the Gallery and noticed something.

Dom has posted up a whole bunch of pics from UberOz and most of them catch people in various poses pulling silly faces. Ry on the other hand has a gallery full of pictures capturing people looking their very best. Is this just the yin and yang of photography or do they have some kind of good photographer/evil photographer deal going on (a bit like good cop/bad cop). ubblol wink

They are all fantabulous photos. Thank you both for sharing them with us.

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Posted:Ry's photographs are lush! That guy's got real talent, and a mighty lens! I was too busy spinning and teaching at this event so whilst Ry's were taken at UberOz mine were back at base camp after a few drinks to help the muscles relax.

The exact photographic method used is top secret and well worth trying out at the next spinning event if you know it!




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Posted:Since we're talking about the photos, I've been meaning to ask...

Can you change the title of a photo?


Can we see who's photo gallery we're looking at?

Only because most of the photos are titled "Me" (mine included)... So you actually have to click on who it is to then find out who's gallery it is so you can see who "Me" is...

And I can't change what I've already done... But I'd like to suggest that people change their titles from "Me" for the convenience of seeing them on the top of the page without having to click...

Oops, I gotta run.

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Posted:Eek. Only just noticed this thread.. Thanks lots Skully, Dom.. too kind. hug

Regarding the yin and yang of photography.. ubblol Hmm.. may have to think about that one. At the end of it, I guess it boils down to which shots the photographer chooses to show. I try to take the easy way out mostly- show a shot of someone you feel that someone would like (or wouldn't mind at least). That way, you've got less chance of the person seeing the shot going 'please take it down'. And I've had a handful of shots taken off immediately just because the person in it didn't like that portrayal of himself/herself (even if I thought it was a wonderful shot).

If anything, it's a rather narrow view of the world. There actually was an article I read once which said that digital photography was changing the way the world is documented. Nowadays people just review/delete/review/delete, whereas we've got all the awkward 4 by 6 35mm prints from ages ago telling a 'truer' version of the world.

Anyway.. just random thoughts. Just because I show the slightly better ones doesn't mean I don't keep all the offcuts too. For all you know, I have 500 bad shots for every 1 good shot.. At that shooting rate, you're bound to get a good shot now and then.. shrug ubbangel

Yup, photo titles can be changed by clicking 'edit photo'. One thing I'd like to see though, is an option to view other ppl's favourites (or disable it). Just a thought..


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Posted:Written by: NYC

Can you change the title of a photo?

theres an edit photo link kinda at the bottem right bellow where the smaller thumbnails are when you view your photo

*edit* i see rys already pointed this out thatll learn me to open a page start a reply and get distracted *end edit*

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