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Location: Reading!

Hey boys and girls...was wondering if there are any people poi'in or whtever in reading...i can only use poi's atm and not very well either bein a noobie and all smile but wanted to find some people with the same interests to practice and learn from and to jst av a gd time biggrin
Get back 2 me with email or on here thanks :o

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Location: Reading

Me! I am in Reading.

I regularly poi with my friends in the summer at the back of the Abbey Ruins, far to cold this time of year! I am not all that good myself yet but have stopped hitting myself now.

As well as poi some others in our group practice fire staff and diablo.

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LavatwilightGOLD Member
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Location: Wellington somerset, UK

Theres a group from reading uni, i know one of them
went to college with her, good times and good poi!!

try the reading uni website and look for the juggling soc :-)

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i work in reading, and might be moving there soon. also a noobie in more ways than one... anyone interested? don't know too much about where is good to poi in reading, but surely there's somewhere...



(its getting warmer now, def. the time to restart!)

jo_rhymesSILVER Member
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Location: Telford, Shrops, United Kingdom

hey, I'm in Newbury so pretty close to Reading. what are you guys up to this weekend? hug

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morti666cianBRONZE Member
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Location: Reading, United Kingdom

Hey guys I'm living in Reading at the mo and If anyones interested for a lil poi meet this weekend, maybe saturday day?jus get back to me! Everyones welcome, poi or staff, juggling, watever you wana bring!

I got a vid of poi on my homepage!have a look and tell me what u think!!

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