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Posted:Hi Guys,
My new babache glitterstick has the edges of the glitterwrap lifting.
Any suggestions on how to stik it back down?

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Posted:Apart form the obvious - glue, tape, or even redecorating it, No, I don't have any special tips... Sorry...

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Posted:I use super glue I've used it to fix many things such as my juggling clubs and my shoes
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Posted:Written by: pre

I use super glue I've used it to fix many things such as my juggling clubs and my shoes

those must be converse shoes you're reffering to?

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Posted:Same thing happened on me AJA glitter stick just game some sellotape and put it down the join push it really flat and when your doing devil stick nobody will notice. I know how you feel man its so gutting when they start getting tatty. Im not sure if its the same with the Glitter stick but on the Mr babache gripstick its a good idea to use electrical tape to renforce the foam ends because the glue they use just isnt up to it. I remcommend to anyone to sello tape down the edges on their glitter paper and electrical tape the foam ends on because these small improvements will greately increase the live span of your sticks. Oh god i'm such a devil stick geek frown

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Posted:The same thing happened to me. I used superglue(tarzan grip) which worked well for a while. When it happened again I upgraded to a Dube trigonic and have never looked back. After getting used to the weight difference using a Beard or Babache stick is like using a toy.

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Posted:when my sticks fall apart, I either fix them with duct tape or I go to the local skate shop and buy some grip tape for skateboards. great stuff. then I proceed to just recreate the whole stick and make it "perfect"... for me at least.

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