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hi, am quite new to poi and am lookin for people to meet up with in or near torquay and have fun and maybe to teach me a few things to get me a bit further than i am with poi.
i would preffer to meet in torquay as it is easier but am willing to travel a short way if torquay is not possible devil

acidtripSILVER Member
92 posts
Location: plymouth sumtimes in northampton, United Kingdom

hey ya ime in plymouth witch is quite close and also looking for others ta spin with

if it doesent burn try harder

SeyeSILVER Member
1,261 posts
Location: Manchester, UK

my girlfriends family live in torquay - i'll post a message in here next time i'm down that way smile

Mr_widdeat my face before i eat yours
253 posts
Location: Torquay, UK

hay hay, i live in torquay. i'll spin with you..

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