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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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What do I get him for Valentine's day?

Basics: two gay dudes. 3 months duration so far. Going well. I'm going to visit him because he's out of town right now.

So he's at a writer's residency. Maybe something cozy for that? But what???

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Hmmm... Are you going for cheesy, romantic, useful, funny or insert appropriate style of gift here? smile


Ooh! Ooh! He's a writer, so get him a Feather Quill pen type thing... One of the really big fluffy ones, like the plumes that were worn in Hats many many many years ago...

That's topical, AND can be used for other things as well!! wink

You can get a really classy ink well to go with it, so it can be an ornament too...

Or am I way off the Mark?

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Posted:Get him a blanket biggrin Then you can stay warm while watching films

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Posted:As a writer myself I think the quill and ink well idea is brilliant!!!

I would be very happy if that was a gift to me!


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Posted:i have no idea what to ever buy men

my boyfriend wont be getting anything for the fact that payday is day after

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Posted:Hi Doc. How about a really nice bound journal for him to carry with him and write down his ideas on the move? A nice blank book is also inspiring.
Or how about massage oil and a massage session? Also goes down well with writers who sit for hours slumped over a keyboard - rub away his aches and pains....? wink

Boo x

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Posted:whoa...good ideas even for me...thanks guys biggrin

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Posted:I'm thinking a massage, particularly hand massage, is definetly going the right direction, and a bottle of wine or spirits, depending on what he likes best!

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Posted:Flowers? Maybie his favourite type if you know them

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Posted:so what did you get him? smile

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