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Posted:Alright, if anyone could offer some suggestions as to what poi set would meet my criteria that would be amazing ubbloco

Im looking for something that is going to last me a while and I would like to have brilliant flame / burn time, but I value maneuverbility and weight as well. Also, maybe someone could explain difference in chains advantages/disadvantages?

I consider myself to be advanced in technical poi moves.

Thanks in advance to HOP community

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Posted:I'd suggest either TubeCore or MonkeyFist. TubeCore is very durible, nice big consistant flame,good weight and pretty good burn time.
MonkeyFist has a longer burn time, bigger flame, hurts a lot more to get hit with, bigger flame but the wich roping has a slight chance of coming lose after a fair bit of time.

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Posted:Monkey Fists are great, if you get them from the home of poi shop and go for the chain links you will get a nice sturdy, weighty set of poi. They make a nice flame, have a good burn time like Thumper said and the chains wont catch on clothing. Theres a wire option but they will get kinks in them eventually and will need replacing.

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Posted:hummmm i suggest you try doing a search smile

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Posted:monkey fist heads with decent chain from a hardware store, and put your own hardware & loops on, I've always been baffled why poi manufacturers insist on using those clips, split rings are much more suited to the job. I also don't understand why people use ball chain, it withholds so much heat & weighs a ton. Are there any advantages to ball chain?


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Posted:Written by: GeoffonTour04

I've always been baffled why poi manufacturers insist on using those clips, split rings are much more suited to the job.

Split rings fail more often than quick links - they're really not all that strong.

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Posted:See also

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