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So, i, like, made this video, right
And it was, like, waaaaayyy blue and stuff. yeah
So, i thougt, like, maybe, you guys wanna see it, yes...

And maybe, you can like, say stuff about it...

It's, like posted,

Well, uhm, like catch you later

Hmm, there's gotta be something round and shiny, I can play with

RicheeBRONZE Member
HOP librarian
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I like your izolations and columns, its like magic.




{anthrax}BRONZE Member
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Heeheeee its all blue and blue and really very blue!!! oooooo blue!!!

redface well i enjoyed it tongue

nice ending credits biggrin

anthrax.... it infects, then spreads..... fast

Adya MiriyanaGOLD Member
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Location: Adelaide, Australia

very cool biggrin

you have a very nice way of putting the whole thing together smile

thanks for sharing!


PyroWillGOLD Member
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That was really good!! I very muich enjoyed that and your style, shame about the height of the camera when the boxes went out of view but apart from that sweet smile

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