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Posted:some one help me i have strained my wrist from playing poi to much. I use my poi every single day for 6 months. i never go a day with out doing it but my wrist really hurts. i got some new poi 2 days ago they are rubber things on chains after changing the links i found they are great and played with them so much that im now in pain.if i bandage up my wrist can i still play poi or will that make it worse.

i tryed to pretend to play with my poi but it still hurt and i felt a bit silly.

any advice? frown

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Posted:go see a gp, they'll tell you in like 5 minutes what you've done & how to fix it. Don'tlet em give you any drugs tho.


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Posted:First off, put this in the "Help" section.
Second, rest your wrist!
When you're body's giving you pain it means "stop it, and chill out!! i need to rest" so do that. Listen to what your body's saying wink

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Posted:I say chop the hand and wrist off just above where the pain is and you'll be fine..... apart from bleeding to death..... but thats only a minor problem biggrin

Ok so I'm taking the piss. Asking medical advice on-line isn't all that wise. Go see a GP if it doesn't clear up after resting it for a few days.

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Posted:Thanks guys hug hug

life is what you make it and what you want it to be

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Posted:R.I.C.E is all the first aid that you can really do or I can suggest over the net

Rest- you have an overuse injury, going back to spinning poi too soom could make it a chronic (ongoing) injury
Ice- on this area I would use it for 5 minutes each hour
Compression- an elastic bandage with light compression to the area, not too tight
Elevation- dont let the hand hang down all the time

or go see you doctor


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Posted:first of all, go and see a doctor
second of all, follow anything he says
Thirdly... REST

I know this from experiance, I hurt my ankle at the start of last year and went hiking for about 8 days (two differant activities) and throughout the year did differant stuff all whilst it was playing up, and am now about to tear ligaments... so PLEASE rest it if it is sore... and see your GP

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Posted:ooh i done that once, well about three times actually, i had to stop for about a week, after that i used a wrist support to keep my wrist from bending too much (it was actually like a splinted thing that my brother had from roller blading), but definately don't do it too much, the first time i didn't let it heal properly and did the same again very soon after....

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Posted:sprains should heal soon but if they dont or you cary on doing whatever caused it they will really bug you later on in life. story...my dad is 50+ he hurt/damaged his ankle when young and never did the pysio he was given, consequently he know cant walk on his that foot it hurts so bad sometimes!

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Posted:This is an old thread now, but if people are finding it through search engines they might want to check out the poi physio dvd at:


Other than that, be aware that repetitive strain injuries are different from sprains. Learn about stretches and self massage.