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Greetings to all

The Fire Perfomrnace group SOLAR, shall be touring NZ for bewteen 6-10 weeks from now. Our itinery is flexible although we have a few set dates:
New Brighton - 06/02
NZJC, Ragland 16-19/03
Queentown, Christchurch, Wellington, Rotorua and Auckalnd shall be other stops, dates depend on bookings.
If you would be interested in booking a show or workshop during this time please let me know via this thread, a PM or visit the website at
Between us we have over 15 years experience in Poi, Staff (single/double), meteor, swinging clubs, juggling etc... we have teaching qualifications and 1 teaching at UberOz right now.
We can guarentee to boost your learning of any tool or no fee!
Even if you are not interested in workshops just get in touch, we'd love to meet you on on tour.
Feel the Flame

Feel the Flame

OneFlammableGuyPLATINUM Member
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Hey guys,

Great to hear that you're touring littl' old NZ! Kudos to you all!

My name in Dan and I run a fire performance and juggling club in Dunedin (east coast 3/4 way down South Island). I would love to meet up with you all if you are passing through my way. I run the club every Wednesday night. Also between 7-9 April we have a fire and juggling retreat and the following weekend I'm holding an outdoor dance party (Easter Sat 15 April). So if you guys are around for any of these dates, it would be wicked to meet up and play. You could also try and get a gig through the Dunedin City Council --03 477 400 or We perform for them 2-3 times a year. Here's our webpage for more info

If you pass by Queenstown give Flame Productions a buzz (another fire/physical theatre crew)

Nice one y'all

Dan Hendra

Highly Flammable Fire Performers
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