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Blaze Networks
Blaze Networks

Location: Vancouver BC Canada
Member Since: 2nd Jun 2002
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Posted:okay so heres da scoop... I'm going to be Fire Spinning *poi, staff and clubs* for the First Night Celebrations.. aka New Years Eve Bash... and I'm Required to make and wear a costume.... I don't have ANY IDEA of what to wear and make for my costume..... I don't want to be anything thats really flashy... and i'll be crawling on the floor quite a lot *roving* so needs to be cool.. PLEASE help.. Its coming up really really soon... thanks!

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Location: Vansterdam
Member Since: 12th Dec 2002
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Posted:umm go simple just modify some normal clothes to make them stand out abit, and scream you!
Where are you going to be spinning? I might be done in Vancouver for New Years Eve. I'd like to come watch.

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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member Since: 11th Jan 2002
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Posted:Rather than think of a "costume", think of some words to describe what you would like.

Would you like it:

Shiny, spacey, futuristic

sleek, wetlook, sexy, black

sparkley, fey, fluffy

funky, colourful, bright

or something else?

Once you have picked it, start going through you wardrobe for stuff you can use, and then think about anyhing you need to buy.

My stand-bys that seem to fit many categories are my black feathered angel wings, my pvc black pants, my leather pvc calf length coat, my chunky cargo pants, and my funky chunky black boots.

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Location: Denver, Co. U.S.A.
Member Since: 27th Nov 2001
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Posted:Go as the scariest thing known to mankind, a giant pink Bambi eyed bunny rabbit.....

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the henna lady
Location: WNY, USA
Member Since: 15th Dec 2000
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Posted:Does the event have a theme? (though I find it funny that the idea of First Night is on New Years Eve, which is not First Night at all...anyway)

First, find out if there is a theme.
Second, find out what kind of music you will be spinning to.
Next, anything you choose from your wardrobe needs to stand out and be costume-ish, but will need to fit the theme/music. For example, if they will be playing Celtic tunes, futuristic might not be the way to go. You are being hired to fit into their party, not they need to fit their party performance to you.
Just remember you need to catch attention.

Contrary to popular belief I say stay well away from black. When performing at night, you tend to disolve into the background (Just watch the COL videos for evidence of this). If you are hired to perform, then you are hired to be seen, as well as to show off your skills. Like it or not, as someone who is being paid to perform, you need something that stands out and grabs attention. That is par for the course of what we do, and daily clothes do not tend to do this.
Also, unless you are on a raised procenium, I suggest you shy away from "roving" on your knees crawling. It is just dangerous for you with drunks around.

Also remember that a costume goes beyond clothing, it is hair, make-up and attitude.

(Can you tell I have a passion for costuming, and well, performing? )

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Location: Mpls, MN, USA
Member Since: 29th Jan 2002
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Posted:I'm all about white, maybe the bright uv factor contrasting with my darker skin, but white is cool to me

But yeah, see whats going on with the event, I'm surprised they didn't tell you a theme or something when the told your to make a costume.

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Location: australia
Member Since: 14th Mar 2001
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Posted:Rozi, just wated to say that I think your ideas for thinking about costuming were both innovative and very creative. I will be using your process when next thinking aobut costuming one of our shows. Brilliant

Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

HOP Mad Doctor
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Member Since: 28th May 2001
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Posted:I sort of need help in this area, too. I have a blinking glow-wire costume, which is great, but very difficult to put on and maintain.

There's also the issue of money. Ideally, I'd like a costume with black leather pants and then some sort of thing where the top would be two crossing black leather straps going from shoulder to waist. The problem with that is that I'm not confident enough in my own body to bare that much of it on a stage. Also, it would be COLD.

I'm going to be working with my troupe on this at some point.

-Mike )'(
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Blaze Networks
Blaze Networks

Location: Vancouver BC Canada
Member Since: 2nd Jun 2002
Total posts: 41
Posted:Well I'll be Fire Spinning at the Grandville Island First Night www.familyfirstnight.com ... i'll be at the Emily Carr Arts and Design Insitute Stairs... BUT anyways

I want to wear something thats out of the ordinary... This is what i have in mind.... i'm going to go to somewhere like Value Village and buy a dark coloured old shirt thats almost tight fitting.... and then i'll just put some silver design on them.... then make some pants that are a bit wide around the legs... then have some arm warmers... then have my face painted with black streaks... well I DUNNO... grrr.. anyways... this is probably the hardest thing to decide....

There is like almost NO theme to this event.... and the music... welll the music is what ever i decide... ooh crap, i need to decide that too... HELP MAJORLY!!

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Location: the world at large (mainly UK)
Member Since: 27th Jun 2002
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Posted:to be a presence that is of the fire, yet lets the fire talk when you are actually performing, try black combats, of thick felty material(help keep you warm), then on your top warm large mesh black singlet, and cover your arms in black and dark blue body paint with glitter in it, this will mean that they will spakly in the light but be able to disapear a bit when spining to give alusion of fire in the air. then under the singlet have red and yellow sparkling paint so that it show through the top, but as you move it dances on your body as the singlet moves around. then have the colours continue up to your neck and face and have your hair dyed electric blue and red and yellow, and spicked up. as you perform the fier will look cool but so will you as you glisen in the light and different prts of the body sparkles. its should be preety cheap as well

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Blaze Networks
Blaze Networks

Location: Vancouver BC Canada
Member Since: 2nd Jun 2002
Total posts: 41
Posted:sparkles??? wow.. your really onto sparkles aren't you?!? lol.... um... its seems great.. but the thing is... where to get this stuff???? vancouver is quiet a hard place to find materials... well thats what i think... and i can't have my hair dyed electric blue... it i had it dyed... i wouldn't have my part-time job at IHOP.... and i need the job.. lol... i like the idea of the mesh shirt... i'll just have a shirt underneath it with different bright colours on it....

hrm... lets burn stuff.... jah!

Daisy zhu

Member Since: 4th Dec 2012
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Posted:are you interested in some LED Costumes or EL Wire costumes? I ordered one from MGSFX(www.mgsfx.com), and I paid 28-Dec but just got it yesterday, anyway it is amazing, can change 3 colors. but now I still want to buy another special one for another performance, Who can introduce one in USA?? Need urgently, Appreciated!!