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Promethean_AdvocateBRONZE Member
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Hi all,

Not strictly an event as such (though it could evolve into one), just wondering about the restrictions for spinning in Aus with regards to fire bans, public places etc? I dont really have a suitable area around home, and though there's apparently something that goes on in Civic every once in a while, I was wondering how the cops feel about a burn in a public place? Has anyone had to seek permission, and if so was it a once off or did you have to apply for every burn?

Thanks a lot


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newgabeSILVER Member
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Well hi there Typhon!

Welcome to HoP!

Hope you meet some people in Canberra to play with and who know the answer to these questions... cos it varies from place to place. eg most public places like parks, beaches etc there is no problem at all. IF it it possibly going to affect a private property like a shopping centre carpark then you may run into problems with security guards etc

Also on HoP it's possible to do a search for a particular topic eg people in Canberra. See up the top of this thread, there is a group of links (Main Index... etc if you click on the [Old link]

one it will take you to a page where you can... well, search !

Here is an [Old link] (click on that) for people/meets etc in Canberra.

Ask the people you meet there what the local conditions are...

Good luck! biggrin

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