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To begin, I did a search :-) and did not find the answer to my question. I've found this question asked before, but it didn't really get an answer. So, here we go.

In the same-direction regular flower, are the arms 180 or 90 apart?

Thank you!

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They're usually 180 apart for a regular flower, so they're in split time.

Do whatever you fancy though - flowers in which your arms are 90 apart are in quarter time and make a nice bit of variation I reckon. Possibly a bit harder to get looking neat though.

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I've recently been working on the funky timing flowers, it is a pretty decent look.

::agrees with BorvilMonkey:: The norm is split time 180 apart... i can't make the degrees sign. =^_^=

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I take it you are Pali? smile

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