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I was at Burningman in 1999. Right after the main burn we were drawn to a huge stage nearby. (the one with the big lotus flower) There was awsome music like Ive never heard, and the dance troup was awe inspiring. One performer really stuck in my mind, a girl dressed in black did fire fingers that woul bring tears to your eyes. She was so poised and controlled...I did actually cry. I know it's alot to ask, but if anyone knows who these people are, how to reach them or even what I'm talking about please let me know
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Meow, I can't tell you exactly who she is, but its worth writing to the Burningman Fire Conclave if it means so much. Fire Fingers are rather noticable, especially if shes the kinda girl makes ya cry every time she pulls them out... =PLotus Flower? There is the Lotus girls..Email Crimson@burningman.com and ask to join the fire conclave list, or I could just post it myself see what I come up with.

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I think the band playing at that year's "Community Dance" may have been Lost At Last. If Crimson doesn't know your fire finger gal, you might try asking someone from Lost At Last as they often have quite amazing fire performers with them. www.lostatlast.com


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