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Ok so I've got a new house *yay*

But it's about 200 miles or so away from where I currently live.

I have about 2 car loads of junk...I mean belongings.

I don't own a car or drive.

Can you see my problem?

I am not asking for offers of lifts (although... ubbangel )
I mainly need Ideas of the CHEAPEST way to solve this.

I have already:
1) Tried to bribe my sister & brother in law. To no avail. They both drive & both have cars. Would have been perfect but, alas, not to be.

2) I have texted most of my friends who drive, have a car, and would most likely be of some help. I basically asked them, in emergancy, could I use them.
From this I have had one friend come back saying yes. But she has a relatively small car. So even in emergancy, she could only take half my stuff. And She only has one day free. Which means we couldn't do 2 runs as it's about a 3hour or so journey. (she lives in London. So she'd have to do 4 hours from London - Sheffield, 3 hours Sheffield - Bristol, then 3 hours Bristol - London!!)

3) I have also asked a friend who drives, but has no car if she'd be willing to help if need be. Thinking I could rent a van in utter emergancy. But I think it would be expensive? I don't know much about renting. Also it'll do a lot of miles. So not sure how much that'd cost in petrol as, being a non driver, not sure how much these things cost.

So any other ideas people? Anyone know anything about prices of petrol/hiring a van?

Please someone help a pink out... I move the 4th/5th/6th so coming up pretty soon.

hug2 Thank you.

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I just looked on Easycar - it's about 50 a day for a large ish van:

I can't help with the driving though, sorry.

Good luck hug

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50 quid for a large van, that will fit everything... plus fuel.

but if u use a bigger van firm, then u could prob pick it up in sheffield and leave it in bristol...

Right - -

They have 3 depots. and its 33.02 plus v.a.t - gives u the van from 4th 9 am - 6pm you get 250 miles included in the rental..

and if u call them u can leave it in bristol, they have 2 depots there.

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Thank you Frodo & Sym Sounds good that enterprise van thing.

Keep the suggestions coming people. You task is to beat 33.02 ubblol

Never pick up a duck in a dungeon...

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