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Posted:Alright, so I like Poi. In fact, I'd daresay I downright LOVE Poi. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than cracking out even my rather beaten and blugeoned Zuni Poi. I love contact juggling just as much. I've been caught in Liberty International Airport (formerly Newark International Airport) and Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport playing with a sphere. Actually, I've even given and impromptu lesson or two to children in standby with me.

Now, I've found wonderful sources for Poi and for contact juggling out there.

However, other skills are far harder to find a good, concise source for techniques and moves, especially for more non-conventional toys (if such a thing can really be honestly said in regards to fire toys). I'll be honest with you, other than the few postings on this forum (while helpful, they were unfulfilling in the end- I like pics, movies, or gifs for further demo uses), I can't find anything worth while on fans.

So, I was going to ask the rather humble question for all the other people seeking advice in more unusual toys, if anyone's found any other websites with as excellent of tutorials as Home Of Poi has for Poi (come now, who can argue with animated gifs detailing moves, at times from more than one angle?) I don't know. I just figured that it might, just might, be helpful to all to start a compendium of links.

Or, if anyone has any specific advice or tips for fans other than the moves posting on the list of fan moves- it'd be much appreciated. I learned Poi from friends, and I've been very interested in fans since long before I started playing with Poi. It helped to learn Poi that I was surrounded by people who were already more experienced. I just can't seem to find anyone who knows fans in Atlanta, at least not among the circles of friends I have- being that they are obsessive about Poi.

(*by and by- I was also curious if anyone had found a nice, cheap mock that can be substituted in place of actual steel fans for training purposes?)

Thanks in advance- Kat

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