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Posted:I just deleted a thread detailing how I was leaving. It seemed childish.

I think a lot of people didnt actually read what was inside the topic. It was meant to diffuse what had happaned in a different thread. I dont know what else to say. A lot of things have escalted from it.

Perhaps people could tell me what is going on, because to be honest Im very confused. I feel suddenly like an outcast. I also feel angry because I feel as though I have tried to be nice and its been thrown backin my face.

Please dont hold back. If you want to flame, flame.

I hope you realize how pissed I am.

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I read the thread. It was very funny. I posted in the thread, I hope it was as funny.

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...


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Posted:Tlight - please stay. I explained to the other mods about what prompted you to start that thread. I don't think they realised it was just you being tongue in cheek and that you meant no real harm.

it's okay. Things are working out - I think we all just needed a good kick in the pants to make us step back for a moment.

I have no hard feelings towards you at all - you deleted the favourite mods thread and even sent me an apology - all of your own accord.

I have no hard feelings towards any one here....

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Posted:I knew it was a joke. My first clue being the way it said it was a joke in the initial post. Didn't really need Sherlock Holmes to figure that one.

I even posted under another name in it voting for myself

Such a pity that some people round these parts take offence so easily. Often without even checking their facts first. Odd way to behave. Not even reading a thread before ranting about it.

Some people seem to be too self centred/caught up in their little worlds/egocentric to keep their problems with threads or topics behind the scenes. Preferring to air their woes and self indulgent ramblings in a public forum.

If this kind of stuff was kept to PMs then the whole site would be closer to the fluffy, fluffy world everyone says they're striving towards.

Just a few random thoughts. Not aimed at any one person.

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Just wanted to send some love your way. It so obviously and clearly stated it was a joke (as Cantus said) and yet it was held up as an attack. Not only was it a joke but it was a statement about the sillyness of such threads. I'm sorry that you were intimidated into having it deleted.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
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yeah, I thought it was a funny joke. not sure why it got taken otherwise either. there was a little sillyness going on, adn you just pointed it out.....

hopes u is feeling better, wish i was on more i'd know what's going on around here lately...

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Posted:I never got to read the thread before it was deleted...

I have a very sour feeling at the moment. It will pass (I am sure someone I have been exchanging mails with is happy to hear that ) but nothing can ever outweigh the people I met here or the experiences shared.

I am completely confused and dont know what to think right now. I am trying to think nothing although that doesnt always work. I guess all will come to those who wait.

HOP is a lovely place. I guess we all have to learn how to live together.

I am sorry for offending anyone and or interfering with people's thoughts. i this has occured and you (whomever) feel upset then I am quite happy to chat over pm or e-mail...

Love and hugs to all,



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