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Posted:okay so with the great amount o music out there to spin to, ( or breathe or fight or dance ) what are some good tracks to play during a performance at a ren faire ....

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Posted:anything funky, like "i dont smoke" by dj dee kline, or "electric disco" by plump djs

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Posted:Well, if they're letting you use a recording, they're not strict to period, so there's a lot of possibilities.
I'd say any folk/Celtic type stuff with no electric instruments or overly modern references would work nicely.

Some bands to check out (some have .com):
Great Big Sea
The Waterboys
Golden Bough
Ashley MacIsaac
The Chieftans
Fiddler's Fancy

Or if you know any musicians from Faire, they'll have suggestions, and will likely have recordings you can use...

(see, that was pretty short )

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Posted:No way! Go for E-heads must die, by Johnny Violent.

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Posted:Govi has some nice uptempo guitar stuff which might work.
Early Music Consortium
The soundtrack from "Shakespeare in Love"
Gothic Voices
King's Noyse

Better still, if you can enlist some drummers from the Ren Faire to help you, they can just play a rhythm for you to spin to. The times I have seen that done it has worked well and looked great.

Electronic music in that setting would just be silly.

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Posted:I'm currently twirling to Fairport Convention- Leigh and Leaf.
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Posted:Assuming that the faire you are intending to work will allow you to have any form of electrically played music, then you should stick with more traditional sounding tunes at least. Go with the gael upbeat musics, Traditional jigs and reels are good. You can also go the spanish route and look into traditional Flamenco music, or go for revived sea shantys and drinking tunes. Go to a Ren Faire, or to Mudcat Cafe online to get a good cross sectional tasting. Might I suggest looking into music by Double Indemnity/Empty Hats, The Burley Minstrel, Drunken Pirate Brigade, Merry Mischief, Celtic Spirit, Blackmore's Night (highly recommend this ones!), Loreena McKennit, Clannad.....
However, most faires do not allow "piped" music to be played, for dancers of any sort. There are a few ways to handle this, and I have in the past.

1. Spin without music. Talk to the audience through the show. Have them make the rhythm for you by clapping or singing or whatever. It brings them into the show and is great fun. Some of my best bits are actually based on this.

2. Faires are rife not only with professional musicians but those who long to be professional musicians. Get a listing of other acts there, or some talents that might be of a more wandering mistrel styling and try to employ them to make music for you. Inform them what beats you would like prior to your show, have them go through a test run with you, and just let it flow. I have had tremendous success with Bohdran players in this instance in the past.

In this type of venue it is imperitive that you be inventive, flexible and willing to have fun with whatever hand you are dealt. Good Luck and I hope this helped!

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thanks for all the advice , i've downloaded some of the music and it is great .. thanks alot pele for the insiders view it really is helpful.

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Posted:I would say, if you can find live music... use it! I cant imagine a better thing to spin to than live music.

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Posted:I personally like using Apocalyptica or Nightwish and other symphonic/metal like bands. I lean more toward the first for Ren Faires because of it's haunting and yet fast harmonies grin


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Posted:Check out Corvus Corax. They literally make Mideval music. Perfect for Ren Faire.

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Posted:As stated if they are allowing you to use a recording its not the strictest of places, but I would definitely work the electronics into the background, hide them or something and stick to time period music, or at least stuff that sounds like it. I don't know of enough stuff to fit the bill but I'm learning. Live music is even more awesome and fits into the fair even better. Though having Poi with kevlar wicks at a renaissance fair is already posing all kinds of questions =P

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