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Mr ChutneySILVER Member
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OK, I am sorry to blight your otherwise relaxed browse through the forums, but I find myself in a genuine time of need and I know you, the HOP community, are a mightily knowledgable and diverse bunch from which I may find a route I have not considered so far.

My predicament is this:

I graduated last summer in philosophy and then flunked about at home for what felt like an eternity. I finally got it into my head I wanted to go to London, get a job, get my career rolling.

I did. I started a job with an estate agents (a large successful and well known one I would prefer not to be mentioned by name in this thread should anyone know who I mean) and have since started earning money, driving a company car and sadly, hating every single day. The hours are very demanding (upwards of 60 per week and every other week is a 7 dayer)and I do not find the job rewarding in any way (I had a good history in retail and figured sales was the next logical step- HA!).

So here I am- no social life to speak of, committed to an expensive flat for at least the next four months (landlords good will possibly making this less problematic) and with no capital to speak of. Also, as I chose to live in an expensive but 1 bed flat for my house the money I make is almost totally eaten by bills, rendering the job pretty useless even for building funds.

I also have the added complication that I'm now missing my girlfriend more than ever. For those of you not familiar with my relationship, I'm happily in love with a lady who lives in Rhode Island, and I reside in London. And I miss her lots- we're talking about going travelling together to get a good chunk of time together, but the job I have means I might not see her til the late summer, which neither of us relishes the thought of (its only been a couple of days since I last saw her and I already want her back).

OK, there is my bleeding heart.

I need options, and I would really appreciate some serious suggestions in what I might do instead.

I love people, have a philosophy degree, am pretty good with poi (performance maybe not so much as teaching) and regard myself (naively perhaps) as a good person who ultimately gets his kicks altruistically. I do not have the money to study another degree or course, will not have a car once this job is boxed, and am not sure whther to return to the backward but beautiful countryside where the roads are paved with manure, or to venture forth once more into the city where the streets are paved with gold but the demand your soul.

I am in your hands my fellow hoppers, and I thankyou, sincerely, just for giving the time to read this.grouphug

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SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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hug We love you Mr C!

Feed me Chocolate!!! Feed me NOW!

jo_rhymesSILVER Member
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Chutters, you rule, and you truly deserve every happiness in the world sunny well done poppet hug

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