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crowley2BRONZE Member
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does anyone know any insurance brooker who will do public liability insurance for fire poi if so how much do they charge?

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Firstly you need to remember that the search button at the top of the page is your friend and can answer almost all the questions you can come up with about fire spinning (trust me most of them have been asked before).

Secondly [Old link] is such a case on the question you have just asked. Scroll down to UCoFs post and you will see the answers you need.

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Useful chap that UCOF biggrin

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Originally Posted By: SpannerDuck for Cover

Duck for Cover is an Australian performer's association that arranges cheap insurance for its members, including for fire performers. (Annoyingly, they don't include workshops.)

Relevance to Poms? You could join as a Pom living in Oz, and it covers working overseas (apart from US/Canada), but you have to live in Australia to join. Closest name I could see in a UK search was blokes clothing called duck AND cover.

Also Skully, the link on your post to an answer doesn't work.. goes back to the forums 'title page'.

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I reckon consolidating up to date info on PLI into one sticky thread could be a good idea

Last I heard it was Towergate Risk solutions, but that was back in march

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FearpigSILVER Member
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Towergate Risk Solutions is the one I've always used... having read through some others they are a little more expensive at 165 / year but have lower excess, cover workshops (if you specify them) and are international (barring USA!).

You can get the price down to about 130 through other insurers but then loose some of the cover.

They are rubbish at writing things down though, even after being with them for over 5 years I have to send my documents back with corrections every time I renew them.

Has anyone else got a different favourite?

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