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Posted:Heya all,
I'm searching around for a pair of fire clubs (the twirling sort, not the juggling sort). I think HOP used to have them and so did juggleart in melbourne, but they seem to have disappeared from the website. I'm located in Sydney, Australia.

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Mint Sauce
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Posted:you could get one of Thease

and then get some of Thease

Humm im sure HOP used to sell swinging clubs confused (wanders of to find Bov) smile

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Posted:Klassic Torches from dube aren't bad.

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Posted:juggleart in melbourne has some listed.


Kombi guy
Kombi guy

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Posted:Ive just taken the HOP swinging clubs off the site as we have just run out
of stock frown frown frown Currently working on manufacturing some more and they should be back on the site in a day or so......

Hope that helps,
Happy twirling
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Posted:You probably need to try a few different types as they do vary a lot. Juggle Art has a wide range but Im sure thy have juggling shops in Sydney.

I started with Mr. Babache Swinging Torches and they are ok, but these days I much prefer juggling torches because thy have balance biggrin I dont like the Dube Klassic, which are hardarse and a bit of a compromise.

Also, check clubs

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Posted:Mint Sauce has the right idea... And when u get tires of clubs you have a great staff to play with...

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Kombi guy
Kombi guy

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Posted:We just finished a run of the HOP swinging clubs, so Ive now placed them back in the HOP shop as another option.....
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Happy twirling.



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Posted:Aye, I got some HoP swinging clubs for Christmas and enjoy them thoroughly. Very comfortable to use and balanced well enough for me. Have yet to actually light them, but since the wicks are cathedrals, Im sure theyll look snazzy too.

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